Resolution Redux

January 1, 2013

Wow, it’s been 2 years since a post? Well, I guess that’s one more thing to add to my list of resolutions for 2013.

I wanted to recap the results of my resolutions for this year, before the new year comes.

This has been a difficult year, and I’m hoping 2013 will be better.

So, my resolutions for 2012 were thus:

  • Take the first Membership class Sandals offered this year
  • No browsing my phone standing in lines at the store
  • Sell something on Etsy
  • Touch my toes
  • Read 3 NONfiction books

So how’d I do?

I made it to the membership class in January, which required me to get through 10 weeks’ worth of membership videos in 2 or 3 weeks. It wasn’t too hard, I just put the videos on my phone and watched them during my lunch at work. Two or three lunches took care of one video. Some of them I watched at home, too. So I’m finally a member of Sandals, after 11 years of attendance! (They only offered membership recently, though.)

I’ve done ok with not checking my phone while at the store. I’ve done it a few times, but hardly at all. I chose this because I think it’s annoying how short our attention spans have gotten in the last decade. What did people use to do in lines? Wait patiently. Some grocery stores even have a TV in each line (Albertson’s). And at the gas station. Like we can’t go for 2 seconds without TV? What is inside our own heads that we can’t stand to hear?

I have yet to sell something on Etsy, but I did sell some stuff to some people. I made two bracelets for a guy at work, and two for a lady at church. I made my bead albums on Facebook public, and also made an album for my bead colors, hoping my friends would share them with their friends, and I’d get some business. I’m really waiting for Hubs to help me with the site setup. He said I can use his paypal acct for payments, but he hasn’t sat down with me to figure it out yet. I’m also waiting on him to make me a photo box so I can take better pics of my work for my Etsy store. (Maybe someone can ‘encourage’ him?)

Touching my toes…Many would not believe this, but I’m not actually very flexible. Sure, I can curl up and sit in the most awkward positions, but touching my toes? At the start of this year, I could touch the bottom of my knees before having to bend my knees. Now, I’m not quite there, but much closer. I haven’t been very diligent about stretching. And my body is weird. For some reason, if i stand on my right foot with my left out behind me, I can touch my right toes no problem. If I stand on my left foot, I can barely touch, but I can still do it. Standing back on both feet, I’m still several inches away. What is that? I CAN touch my big toes, on a bounce, if I point them in the air. Does that count? I think so.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a reader, so they’ll think that this is too easy for a resolution. What they don’t know is that I can only read fiction. Any kind of story with a narrative, that’s easy to follow, is good. Nonfiction, not so much. So I wanted to change that. So what did I read? I’d been trying to read Introverts in the Church since the previous May, and I finally did finish it. The last couple chapters kind of dragged, but the rest was very informative. Then I read Heaven is for Real, about a boy who died on the operating table for a few minutes and saw heaven. I read that one pretty quickly. It was actually pretty simple. Then I attempted to read A Severe Mercy, about some couple’s journey to Christianity, and their relationship with C.S. Lewis. I only got about halfway, even though it was more story than non-fiction. It was a bit dull, or maybe I wasn’t following it very well, since I would read it early on a Sunday morning when I went to church early with Hubs. So started Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. And I’m only halfway through that. Two halves make a whole, right? So 2 whole books and 2 halves make 3. Seems right to me!

So, all in all, I guess I did pretty well! Maybe I’ll post my new resolutions some time this week. Or maybe in another 2 years!

Reason #659 Why I Don’t Buy Cat Food from the Grocery Store

December 27, 2010

When we got Spice, she came with a box of Friskies. We decided to feed her that, mixed with our own, until it was gone, because we don’t like waste, and if she was used to the food, we wanted to slowly acclimate to the new. Well, that only worked for a few days. Her food dish and the box was discovered by ants. So I just threw the box out and gave her regular food. No more ants.

I would only buy cat food from a people store if I was buying for a pet charity or in an EXTREME emergency. When I poured out the Friskies, I could almost see it OOZING greasy oil, like potato chips. I think the ants are attracted to the extra oil or whatever it is that makes it cheap. I’ve actually seen trails of ants that pass right by the full dishes of my cat food, and go straight to like, cat barf or something. The cheap food is made mostly to sustain your cat, not for what your cat really needs or likes. (“It keeps you alive, but it will bore you to death!”)  I think it’s mostly just calories and carbs, and cats need much more protein than dogs.

Did you know dogs aren’t carnivores? They’re really omnivores while cats are obligate carnivores, which means they HAVE to eat meat. Any small amount of carbs they need is provided for by the small amount that their prey ate (ie, what’s left in their stomach when they’re eaten).

Anyway, I’m babbling, but I only buy food from the pet store, and every time I have to buy it (I usually get a 2-month supply at a time), I just stare at all the food, trying to figure out the best mix for my cats. I don’t just buy one kind of food. This time, I think I bought 3. Science diet oceanfish flavor, Purina One (not the kind found in grocery stores) either the indoor cat or hairball control kind (both control hairballs, actually), then I got something new- the Blue brand has a new Wilderness type-no gluten or grains of any kind.

I was told that when shopping for pet food, to make sure at least the first few ingredients are something you’d eat yourself. It’s really hard to find food where even the FIRST ingredient is real food, usually it’s corn or some other filler. All of mine say real meat as the first ingredient-chicken, oceanfish. The Blue actually says deboned chicken, oooh. And I’ve never had a problem with recalls, either for pet food or people food.

Guess I just buy quality stuff.

New, Twisty & Traditional-What’s Your Fav?

December 25, 2010

It’s that time of year where KOST plays nothing but Christmas songs from Thanksgiving on. I think maybe last year, I heard it even before then. I think one Christian radio station does the same, both of them at least play them all day on Christmas. KOST doesn’t have quite the choice of songs that KSGN and AIR-1 do, so I just don’t listen to KOST after Thanksgiving. I would rather not get tired of hearing the same songs over again.

I was going to make this 3 separate posts, but since I’m a procrastinator, and Christmas Day fast approaches, I am forced to post only one.

I am going to list some favorites from ‘new’ Christmas songs, twists on old favorites (along with clarification as to what I mean), and artist’s version of the oldies.

First the new ones:

First and foremost:

Christmas is All in the HeartSteven Curtis Chapman-The version with CeCe Winans, not Vince Gill (Probably because I can sing CeCe’s harmony.) The CD this is on my my go-to Christmas CD-Many awesome songs.

His Favorite Christmas StoryCapitol Lights Who would think such an upbeat song could make you choke up at the end? (BTW, I played this for my auntie tonight. She did not appreciate it. She tears up at the first strains of Christmas Shoes)

Happy Birthday JesusBrooklyn Tabernacle Choir Something about children singing just gets to me.

Wizards in WinterTrans-Siberian Orchestra This song isn’t “Oh, ho-hum, it’s Christmas.” No, it says “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” (Does this belong in the ‘new’ category? What makes it a Christmas song? There are no words. Am I not recognizing an instrumental version of a traditional carol?)

All I Really Want for ChristmasSteven Curtis Chapman A “sad children” song (This category is not confined to Christmas songs. Usually Country songs-Concrete Angel, God’s Will, The Little Girl, What if She’s an Angel?, Christmas Shoes, Christmas Carol all on this list.) This song is about an orphan who only wants a family for Christmas, not unlike Christmas Carol, where a department store Santa gets a request from a little girl (Christmas Carol) for a family for Christmas, then the Santa goes out and adopts her, but this orphan song is much more poignant, all the more because it doesn’t have any conclusion at all for the little boy. Maybe the video does, if there is one.

The Angel SongJaci Velasquez I just like the la-la’s on this one.

Anthem for ChristmasMichael W. Smith I love the way it builds-the swell of the music makes my heart swell along with it.


Definition: A new twist on an old favorite, maybe new words, a combination of non-Christmas and Christmas songs, words put to instrumental songs that may or may not be Christmas songs, things like that.

One Silent NightJaci Velasquez w/ Burlap to Cashmere This song blends Silent Night with Jaci’s God So Loved, and it is beautiful.

GloriaMichael W. Smith Some extra ‘gloria’s blended with a rather differently arranged Angels We Have Heard on High. Love the piano on this.

Prince of PeaceTrans-Siberian Orchestra Different words to one of my favorite songs-The Holly and the Ivy with the traditional Hark! The Herald Angels Sing in the middle.

Christmas Canon and Christmas Canon RockTrans-Siberian Orchestra Words put to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major (a wedding song?) Christmas Canon is sung by children and Christmas Canon Rock by women.

Interlude: The Music of Christmas Steven Curtis Chapman An instrumental medley of several carols with some original Chapman music thrown in.

Christmas Eve-SarajevoTrans-Siberian Orchestra Their instrumental version of Carol of the Bells. It’s in this category instead of the traditional one because it’s been “Trans-Siberian Orchestra-ized” pretty heavily.


First off, I pretty much love all of Steven Curtis Chapman’s Christmas songs, even the carols, so I’ll only list a couple of his.

Silent Night/Away in a Manger/O Holy NightSteven Curtis Chapman Very sweet medley & my favorite rendition of one of my favorite carols-O Holy Night. It is one of my favorite carols, but (as with a lot of things) I’m very picky about it. I highly dislike any version sung by a female in an operatic fashion (that is, 3 octaves higher than normal people can sing).

O, Holy Night-Rebecca St. James The music is a bit upbeat, but she sings it only a bit faster than normal-my church tends to do the same thing-fast music, regular tempo vocals.

Carol of the BellsSteven Curtis Chapman Instrumental arrangement

Sweet Little Jesus BoyRebecca St. James Well, it’s the only version of this song I’ve heard. Beside the one I sang in choir in high school. If a song used to be traditional, but it no one really sings it anymore, what does that make it?

Luke 2:7-14 as told by Shaoey-on Steven Curtis Chapman’s All I Really Want for Christmas CD. Shaoey is his first adopted daughter, and she does a reading of these traditional verses. I love listening to it, with Chapman’s The Night Before Christmas music in the background.

So that will be what I leave you with. Hopefully this will embed, but if it doesn’t, here is the link:


Merry Christmas, Everyone!!




December 24, 2010

I think wrapping paper manufacturers should also market coordinating curling ribbon/bows/etc. I’m tired of trying to figure out which ribbon matches best. Maybe they should come up with paper that you can also cut into strips and curl!

I am somewhat of a present-wrapping perfectionist. First off, wrapping paper comes in 2 kinds: big and small. This does not refer to the actual wrapping paper, but the kind of presents it can wrap-big presents or small. Some paper has a giant design on it, repeated only a few times. This is for large presents. You just can’t wrap a CD with paper that giantly says, “Merry Christmas.” you just end up with “Erry Chris.” For a CD, you need small paper, with a tiny design, repeated many times.

Then there’s the ribbon. You can tell when I get tired of wrapping presents-there’s a pre-made bow just stuck on it. I normally use one looong piece of ribbon and wrap it around the whole present, top, bottom; left, right, then tie it in the front with a few more pieces, then curl. Usually people can’t get it off, I tie it up so well.

Then there’s the name tag. This year, I have actually used real tags, but usually I find that the tags I have do not even closely match the paper and therefore ruin the wrap/ribbon job I have done to the gift. So therefore (And this is easiest with ‘small’ paper) I cut a piece from the same roll of paper to match the exact spot I will put it, and just make my own tag. If I do it just right, sometimes people have a hard time finding out who it belongs to.

I kind of think that the more effort goes into the wrapping, the more time you spend thinking about the person, so the more it means.

Or something to that effect. Hey, it’s 3 AM, give me a break!

A Dissertation on My Favorite Band

November 29, 2010

I just found a facebook friend (a family member) who also likes my favorite band, Caedmon’s Call. She asked what my favorite song of theirs was.

That’s a difficult question.

This band, with the exception of their last CD and the City on a Hill CDs, constantly puts out better and better CDs. Each subsequent CD I like as much as the last, so it’s hard to com up with an “all time favorite.”  The band’s website had a contest where you commented what your favorite song was, and I had a hard time then, too. I wound up choosing my first favorite, the song that made me start listening to them: This World from their self-titled CD.

I think I’ll list my favorites from each CD:

My Calm//Your Storm

Too Tender, All I know, There’s a Stirring

This CD had some great three-part harmonies between Derek Danielle, and Cliff, and these songs showcase them the best.


This World, Bus Driver, Center Aisle

I also like Hope to Carry On because it’s Rich Mullins’ song, and the video they did was with Rich, and it was the last video he did before he died. (Rich Mullins wrote Sing your Praise to the Lord, Awesome God, and Step by Step, and now gets to sing with the angels directly to the Lord.)

The Guild, Vol 1

Since I recently got this CD, I have yet to really listen to it, but I would like you to know that I have it, as it is extremely hard to find, and when it does show up on ebay, it goes for about $50. I got all 4 Guild CDs (#4’s a DVD), their new CD, a t-shirt all for $50! Yay me!

Intimate Portrait

April Showers, The Truth

The Guild, Volume 2

I Love Your Grace – not their song, but has an awesome bass guitar solo. There are also three instrumental songs here that I have in my ‘study/quiet time’ playlist. Also they do a cover of U2’s (I think) “In God’s Country.”

(I should mention here that some songs are on several different CDs, as the band had some indie releases, and some label releases. I’ve listed them on the CD I first heard them.)

40 Acres

Thankful (There are metal trash cans in the percussion on this one! It is Awesome!), Table for Two, Climb on (A Back that’s Strong) (Just ’cause Danielle [and therefore I] can belt it out.), Daring Daylight Escape. Also, the song There You Go has one of the best lines ever-John 3:16 translated VERY differently:

For you so loved the unlovable
That you gave the ineffable
That who so believes the unbelievable
Will gain the unattainable

The Austin Sessions (came with the first few 40 Acres. Or maybe it came cause I signed up to be a ‘street promoter’-which means I put up a few posters at my college.)

The Rich Song – This was written after Rich Mullins’ death.

Long Line of Leavers

Ballad of San Francisco -This has my, well not my motto really, but the line that describes me the best- “I love anonymity and I love being noticed.” Also, Valleys Fill First has a line I try to post on my twitter/facebook every Easter Saturday (yes, the Saturday before Easter) “It’s like that long Saturday between Your death and the rising day, when no one wrote a word, and wondered, ‘is this the end?'”

The Guild, Vol 3

Famous Last Words

This also has a little song, where Derek plays an interlude while Cliff tunes a new guitar, cause he broke a string. It is Nsync’s “I Want it That Way” though he replaces some words with “Bebo” the guy who opens for them. “Bebo is my fire, my one desire, I want Bebo that way…” HiLARious! Also they recorded a sound check in which they start to play “MmmBop.” Goofy guys!

Back Home

The Emptiest Day, Mystery of Mercy, Beautiful Mystery

Chronicles (A best -of CD)

All My Life

Share the Well

Share the Well The band went on a trip to many different countries, on mission, to visit their Compassion kids, I dunno. Many songs came out of their trip. In India, Dalits are considered so low-class that they aren’t in a class. They are forbidden to draw water from a well themselves and must wait  for a higher caste person to draw for them. Many Dalits wait all day and still no one gives them water. It’s a  powerful metaphor. Christ has given me access to the Living Water of a life based on faith in Him. And there are many in this world, even right next door, who are like the Samaritan woman at the well—thirsty for the living water that will never run dry. I also have the opportunity and the responsibility to share the well. (From the author, not me.)

All I Need, Volcanoland really, I like all the songs, except for Mother India.


Sacred, Love Grows Love ( I want to incorporate this song into my scrapbook when I have kids-“Our vows, they started breathing”) Ten Thousand Angels (which played on Gray’s Anatomy the year of the writer’s strike!!)

Also, this CD was with Derek Webb, who was originally with the band, but went solo a few years before this. The song Share in the Blame is a pretty good song about how the church should stop acting like the Church, and start acting like real Christians. A few of their songs are like this.

Raising up the Dead

I was rather disappointed with this CD. Most of the songs had the same tempo, and they all seemed to sound the same. I should have known this, as it was produced by Derek, who said he felt this was their best CD so far. I really like Derek’s songs on Caedmon’s Call CDs, but his own CDs (after the first 2) all sounded the same. (Sorry Derek!) Again, I was very disappointed.

Concerts. I have seen them at least 3 times. I think it may have been 4. They played at Knott’s Berry Farm once, for 2 shows, on one of their ‘Praise nights” that they used to do twice a year, after the park was officially closed. I’m pretty sure I stayed for both shows. I got Derek and Cliff’s autographs on my CD, and I got a picture of me with Cliff. I saw them In Seattle when I lived there, and I saw them a few years ago here in Riverside at La Sierra University. That concert was sad. First, it was supposed to be in one place on campus, but then it got moved to the chapel. (I think someone complained about it being a ‘Christian’ concert.) Then only about 100 people showed up, and they kept having electrical problems. They have yet to come back to California. I was also supposed to see them at Spirit West Coast (like woodstock, but for Christian bands, I think). I’d convinced my parents, we’d gotten tickets, my parents signed up to volunteer, camping, everything, but I my parents made me get a job, and I got it about a week or two before the festival, and my mom and I didn’t think it would be good to ask for time off so soon, so they went without me. Bleagh. Caedmon’s Call has yet to come to Spirit West Coast again, and this was about 10 years ago!


Anyways, if you’ve stayed with me through this 1200 word rambling of my favorite band, I love you!


September 6, 2010

We have a new family member.

Meet Spice.

Remember when we decided to keep the two white kittens? How Hubs moaned and groaned the whole time, saying how he doesn’t want 4 cats? I guess he really didn’t want 4 cats. He wants 5 cats. Yes, it was his idea to get her.

She is maybe a year older than the whites, so still fairly young. She has been declawed :'(

Hubs’ parents’ neighbors have to move, and they can’t take her. Hub’s parents tried taking her, but she is really skittish and has been terrorized by dogs, both at the neighbors’ (who had one dog who’d chase her for fun, and another who chased to kill), and Hub’s parents have two little dogs, so all poor Spice did at their house was hide behind a bed. Plus, Hub’s parents’ house is pretty busy, what with the yapping dogs, a 9-year old (loud) girl, people in and out all the time (who can’t seem to close a door quietly), so she didn’t have any time to calm down and feel safe.

We’ve had her in the main bathroom for a couple days while Hubs rearranges his room (not JUST for the cat, he was doing it anyway), but she’s already come out of her shell a bit. She comes out for pets when we come in to say hi, and demands pets if we stop for even a second. She also does that cute tail-shiver thing that Amy does sometimes, only she does it more than Amy does. (She’s not nervous, that just means she’s extremely pleased/interested.)

We think she’ll do well here. We’re pretty quiet, no doggies or loud children (both of which were at both homes). This would be the second time we’ve taken an animal from his parents’ house who was really timid and only hid all the time, only to open up and come out. We took a fishtank full of Clown loaches from them, and they almost never came out of their cave. After a few days here, they are almost always out, begging for food and dancing with the walls.

I just hope our kitties will at least tolerate her, if not like her. Amy and Luna will probably ignore her, which is fine, but Sugar and Loki like to pester, so we’ll see what happens. We’re planning on keeping her in Hub’s room for a little bit.

You should have seen the look on Sugar’s face when Hubs brought her home though! She looked so sad, like “Mama…don’t you love me anymore? Did I do something bad? Why are you replacing me?” I haven’t had a belly massage since Spice came here.

We now have Sugar and Spice!

Medicine and Me

August 28, 2010

I went to the pharmacy section the other day and asked the pharmacist if Sudafed cam in a children’s chewable.

P:Well, How old is he child?
Me: Umm..Me.
P:Well, then, you take two adult Sudafed.

I didn’t ask him how much a normal adult is supposed to take, did I? Two Sudafed would kill me, I think. I can’t even take one, or my heart starts pounding funny. One adult pill is 30mg, and he wants me to take 2?! That’s the main ingredient in speed, ya know. I had some liquid children’s sudafed, and that seemed to work. A dose is just 5mg-enough to clear my nose, but not mess up my heartbeat.

The only thing is, I like to have some medicine with me at all times, cuz I never know when I’ll need it. Just some advil, tylenol, loratadine (antihistamine) and sudafed. As you can guess, it would be rather annoying to carry around a bottle of liquid medicine. But apparently, they don’t make children’s sudafed. The pharmacist says they don’t suggest kids take it anymore.

Now I can’t even find the liquid anywhere, and my nose is a bit stuffy.


August 22, 2010

I like to bead.

I can make some flowers, but I like to make these rope necklaces.

This one frustrated me to death. I had the pendant, but couldn’t figure out a pattern for the rope. I wanted it to look random, but picking up random beads didn’t look good at all. I would sit at my table, dump out my beads, string some, get a good length, then get mad and unstring them all.

This went on for several months. Sometimes I would be at my job, then I would suddenly tilt my head to the side and stare off into space. (This was me thinking of a new pattern.)

Finally I got it right. Yay!

But that’s not what I wanted this post to be about. I wanted to talk about the kinds of beads I like.

First, just let me say, I am a very detail-oriented, anal, OCD-type person.

I do not buy beads from Michaels.

I do not buy beads from Joann’s.

I do not buy beads from Wal-Mart. (But that’s probably a given, since I won’t buy from the other two.)

Why not? Those beads suck, and do not come in the size I need.

There are different companies that make beads. Some make them better than others. If you look at the beads from these places (Not the Toho ones, those are fine, just too big for me), you’ll see that the beads actually vary in size and shape quite a bit. They are not uniform. While it may be cheaper to buy from these places, it isn’t in the long run if you have to go sifting through all the beads to find a handful the same shape, with the holes the same size, and not off-center.

Apparently, only the Japanese can make beads of good quality. (Maybe they’re as anal as I am!) The beads are almost always the same size, shape, and the hole nice and big and usually centered.

Still, I am picky about these beads. I do not like opaque, unless it is white, beige or black, which I use as the base for my ropes. Opaque to me looks cheap, like crayon.Opaque matte is sometimes ok. Opaque matte AB is even better.

What is AB, you ask? It means aurora borealis, or kind of rainbow-y.

I do not like color-lined or silver-lined. This is when the bead is transparent, but the hole has been painted a color, or silver. This also looks cheap to me, plus the paint tends to wear off from the thread inside.

I only like transparent beads. Transparent, transparent matte, transparent AB, transparent matte AB, I love them all. The regular shiny transparent are the best for flowers as well as the ropes because each bead just blends in with the next one, so you see the flower as a whole, not just a bunch of beads shaped into a flower.

Also I like working with almost the smallest beads ever. They are 15/0. The ones at the stores above are usually 10/0, sometimes 11/0. What do these numbers mean? It is the # of beads you can fit in the same space. I don’t know what this mythical measurement is, though, cuz it’s not an inch. Anyway, if 15 can fit in the same space 11 can, then they have to be smaller, right? for some reason, though 13/0 are smaller than 15/0. I think this is because they are by a different maker entirely and maybe they have a different unit of measurement. Plus, the beads are too round and the hole too small. I’ll stick with my transparent 15/0’s.

And where do I get these mythical, magical beads?

Ebay. Or I find online stores like Fire Mountain Gems, or Artbeads. Only thing is, you don’t have the instant gratification of walking out the store with them and immediately starting your project.

And sometimes the colors don’t match what you thought you saw on your screen.

So, since I’ve now bored you to death, my none readers, I shall sign off and go watch me some True Blood!!

Your TV Character

August 15, 2010

If you were a TV character, who would you be?

Me, I’d be that girl Marcie from the first season of Buffy. People ignored her so much, didn’t even see her, that she disappeared. Or, I remember in The Princess Diaries when Mia got sat on cuz no one saw her.

My pastor’s first words tonight in church were, “Ever feel invisible?” My head snapped up and I thought he would be looking right at me! The sermon went on to demonstrate that when Jesus arose, He appeared first not to “the disciple whom Jesus loved” or any of the other disciples, or anyone else “important,” but to Mary Magdalene, who was mostly invisible in the grand scheme of things, but God saw her. Jesus saw her. That just touched me deeply.

“Even if no one sees you, if you think you’re invisible, no one loves you, God sees you, and He loves you.” That is just awesome to me.

I have been invisible pretty much since high school. Everyone walked right by me, teachers didn’t really call on me, I was one of the last people to get the stupid ball of yarn at Senior retreat, and even then, a teacher had to give it to me! I think they realized they didn’t have any photos of me for the graduation slide show, and about a week before, made me pose w/ another senior I’d barely ever spoken to.

It’s not just school. Sometimes my mom would walk right past me, open the front door and yell at me to come inside. Hubs has walked right by me, calling my name. Just yesterday, I was doing something in a room, he comes in and turns out the light! I say “hey!” and he was like, “Oh, I didn’t know you were there!”

Lots of times I scare people at work cuz I “snuck” up on them.

Often times I get lost even in family gatherings.

People talk over me. There’s a gap in the conversation and I try to say something, and someone else just starts talking like I’m not even there.

I a big crowd, like school or church, I know people by sight, and I know they know me, at least by sight, too, cuz it’s a small place and I’ve been there forever, I’ll just watch as people will greet everyone in their path, then their eyes just pass right on through me.

It’s ok, I’ve gotten used to it.

I had a friend tell me that she used to think I was snobby. I’ve always known that shy people are mistaken for snobby, which is really too bad.  But I think there’s one major difference:snobby people will walk with their nose in the air, and shy people will walk with their eyes on the ground. Hmm, Maybe that’s what happened when I lived w/ my father in Seattle. I was too shy to talk to him, and he just thought I was a jerk (Which I’m not saying that I wasn’t maybe a bit.)

I do think it’s awesome though, to think that even if no one here on earth sees me, God does, and loves me.

Hmm, an invisible girl loved by an invisible God.

The Day In Between

April 3, 2010

Everyone knows about Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But what about Saturday? I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention anything about it.

A line from a song by my favorite band goes:

That long Saturday between Your death and the Rising Day when no one wrote a word and wondered, “Is this the end?”

Did everything just halt for the disciples? It was probably one of the longest days of their lives, not to mention the worst, besides the day of crucifixion. Full of doubt, probably scared they were going to be next, I would guess they were hiding out, but it’s never really said what they did.

The next line of the song is:

But You were down there in the well, saving those that fell.

And another song by Rich Mullins says:

I believe that He who suffered, was crucified, buried and dead. He descended into Hell and on the third day rose again.

I believe I know what Christ was doing that Saturday.

I believe that before the crucifixion, there wasn’t exactly a heaven and hell like we think about now. Based on the story of the rich man and Lazarus, I believe they were sort of the same place, because they could both see each other. I think there was a good half and a bad half, and when Jesus died, He went there to bring people with Him to heaven.  I think He had to witness, and try to convince people to go with Him, and all the people on the good side believe, and the people on the bad side didn’t, and that place became Hell.

So that’s what I think happened the day in between. What the Disciples did probably doesn’t matter too much.


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